I went to Aldi and saw the box, IO wanted to see the laptop before i purchased it, Just to see the size and weight but was refused. Has anyone else noticed a quirk with the wireless cards, whereby they stop working and the only way to get them to start working again is to restart the computer? Hi ive just bought this laptop and are VERY happy with it. But whatever MP3 codec is on the MD, it plays that old track fully. Is laptop ram like pc ram and you can put generic stuff in? The only real difference was that the Asus used shared memory for the video.

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So does anyone have the last version of the aldi laptop and care to comment on how it’s gone? There were a few TV Tuner issues reported by myself and other in the WP forums medion md95400, but meion were quickly resolved. Good to hear someone medion md95400 with that. I use a Netcomm NBW router There should be no stopping you paying for the item then returning it immediately, I would think.

Especially because I use photoshop, indesign, etc.

MEDION Md Ram-speicher MD | eBay

Medion md95400 thought I’d mention this success if anyone had become fed-up with the Bluetooth medion md95400 as had I. Is there enough stock? Wireless is fine, apart from ad-hoc networks where i suffer from dropouts once every half an hour i suppose Since then I wait until I’m sure the unit has turned off before putting it away – normally signaled by a brief high-speed burst of the cooling fan.

Can anyone tell me how warm the laptop gets over time??? I’ll still be waiting until towards the end of the year though I medio use the mouse to start it but the remote no longers does anything medion md95400 the notebook.

It does have inbuilt 54MB wireless and bluetooth. Open PowerProducer from the Home Cinema group. Have just tried to copy md95400 DVD for medion md95400 first time. I have used both.

MEDION MD95400 Notebook & Laptop

Otherwise happy with the computer. Before you buy an expensive brand new computer, invest in a Medion memory upgrade that will add new life to your Medion. It says in the instructions that medion md95400 mediom, but it’ll only trim the start or end or crop off both start and end. However, I personally would like to medion md95400 the built-in TV tuner removed.

Aldi Medion MD Notebook – Notebooks

How’s the build quality and screen on it? Badly translated page regarding the Aldi Notebook Warranty and hd size are really good. medion md95400

And it has medion md95400 yr on site warranty. I would still prefer the TPG Centrino laptop for now. I doubt they would even contemplate reselling an item once it has been opened medion md95400 “used”.

They also would only write at 2x.

The notebook has 2 integrated speakers and a subwoofer???? Medion md95400 can go to the PDF file from here.

A memory upgrade is the easiest and least expensive way to add more life to your Medion Medion md95400 Does anyone know how early you need to get to the shop to get medion md95400 of these computers? Looking at the Medion specs, it looks to be very very good value, but it is way over my budget. Personally I would just call them on Monday and see what their policy medion md95400. Only thing i dislike is the preset factory settings i.

I dont know anymore. The SE is normally a cut down version afaik.